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Plastic Jesus Stencil Workshop.

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Come and learn from the best.
This fun, hands-on group workshop is great for all ages.
Not only will you learn the basics of stencil making you'll also pick up some pretty advanced and secret techniques that I use on the streets.

Whether you are just curious or you want to hit the streets in a stencil bombing campaign you'll love this workshop.

Places are limited to a max of 10 so book early as they sell out well in advance.

3.5 hour workshop 
9.00am -12.30pm

Learning under the direction of Plastic Jesus in his LA studio you’ll learn how to:

-Select and create a suitable images.
-Image conversion and creating color layers
-Painting techniques
And more!

You'll even go away with a canvas that you have created yourself!

You don't need to bring anything with you. Everything will be provided.
Full details will be emailed to you a few days prior to the workshop.


If you get charged shipping I'll refund the shipping cost immediately. 

Please note: Once booked you will receive email confirmation. Full details will be emailed to you approx. 7 days prior to the workshop.

People with Disabilities/Accessibility

We aim to ensure that people have equal access to all Plastic Jesus workshops. Our studio space is accessible, but if you require additional accommodations or have any general questions or concerns regarding accessibility please contact:

Changes and cancellations:

You may cancel or change the date of your previously booked workshop up to 7 days in advance. Please email with any change requests.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Stencil Workshop

Worth every penny and then some! I was so impressed by the breadth of information discussed, as well as his willingness to share techniques, insight, etc. PJ is a true artist, living and breathing his work. But his compassion and belief in others as artists is such a gift, and really what struck me most. I felt the way I personally feel about artistic endeavors but don't always get in return. There was no ego, no competition, just art for the sake of art and whatever it inspires in you. So worth it. Make the time. Attend this workshop!

Be an artist for a day!

What a wonderful way to spend a 1/2 day learning a new technique, stimulate your creative side and hear great stories from Mr. Jesus! This small workshop lends to a quaint experience that I highly recommend!

I Never Liked Creating Art Until.........

I never liked creating art when I was in high school, I was terrible at it until I went to PJ's workshop. A step by step stenciling process that will astonish you with the layers of stencils you will cut in sequence and paint onto a blank canvas until you end up with your own masterpiece. Thank you Plastic Jesus for having this class. I highly recommend it!!!
"I can create, I am an artist".


Yesterday's workshop exceeded my expectations in a big way. PJ is kind, funny, hands-on and, not surprisingly, full of fascinating stories. The instructions were very straight forward and easy to follow, so everyone in our class created a cool piece of art -- even me, lol. I highly recommend!


Been planning this for a long time worth the wait. Plastic Jesus was such an informative teacher. Learned so much. Stencils,layers,spray painting. And the stories it was all great. Highly recommend this workshop. It was such fun. You also walk away with a piece of art of your own making. Does not matter what skill level you are on, it was all great. Thanks Plastic Jesus