Stop Making Stupid People Famous - The Ultimate Print

Stop Making Stupid People Famous - The Ultimate Print

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18" x 24"  silk screen print
100 pound archival stock
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The story.

Back in the early 1990s I was a News photographer. Like most News guys my regular diet of hard News (what I call real stories) was interweaved with showbiz and celebrity 'news'.

To attract more website hits, readers, and magazine sales,  publishers realised that celeb News sold way more than 'real news'. So the never ending demand for celebrity News and images exploded. Along with the countless reality shows that spawning a new 'famous for being famous' status.

In a Huffington Post piece article I wrote: if we want a better quality media we should stop making stupid people famous. It was intended as a criticism of us, the consumer, we buy the magazines, view the websites, read the newspapers. 

When ever it gets posted, tagged or tweeted online it's always followed by a list of notable 'celebrities' names. It was never meant to be that. It was meant to be a wake up call to us.